Fameseekers Media Concept is a company that organizes events such as dinners, retreats, tradefairs, exhibitions, beauty pageants, sport competitions, talents competitions, award nights, conferences, seminars etc.

    We also bring together people with the same professions through seminars, conferences, dinners and retreats thereby helping them to develop, grow and get national recognitions. We create GUILDS for otherwise non united professionals in the same field so they can get the necessary supports from the government like other professions. 




    All these events are organized with the objectives of contributing positively to the economy and the well being & prosperity of the citizens of Nigeria. So all our events have many benefits out of which we will mention a few:

    1. Work opportunities for the Artisans & Vendors residing in the city of the event. 
    2. Boosts sales of the vendors and increase economic prosperity of the state.
    3. Showcases the State's Resources and Uniqueness.
    4. Boosts Commercial activities and increases job opportunities.
    5. Prevent preventable deaths through free medical checkup & treatment organised during the events.
    6. Its boosts the image of the government and attract Foreign Investors. 
    7. Provides youths the opportunities to showcase their talents & creativities.
    8. Encourages more urbanisation with activities that help to prolong lives.



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